14 Jul, 2017

Why African Americans Need to Buy Homes – Today!

14 Jul, 2017

Here at TCR, we’re passionate about selling homes. As one of the longest-running African American owned realty agencies in Denver, we really enjoy helping our community. In the past, it has been difficult for African-Americans to buy homes. There were discriminatory housing practices and bank lending standards. Fortunately, here in 2017 those things are a thing of the past. Now, everyone who can buy a home, should buy a home and that is especially true in the Black community.

TCR has a system to help the African American community get and build wealth. Most realtors sell the house and stop there. TCR stays with you through the whole process which includes making sure that the property is turn-key ready, even if its older. Homes can have all sorts of problems, but that is no reason not to buy a home. There is no reason not to get a loan and to get a realtor that can help you get in your new home. It will be cheaper than renting and you will have a mechanism to grow your personal economy.

Empower Yourself, Empower Your Family

Homeownership has been the foundation of the American dream since the end of World War II. Sadly, many people in the Black community were not able to take advantage of the tremendous growth in real estate wealth at that time. Now, however, times have changed and it is time for the Black community to catch up! There are few things more empowering than owning your own home and having something that you can pass on to the next generation. Your children and grandchildren can use the wealth generated from that home to build better lives in the future. It can be hard to think of the future sometimes but that is what it takes to build up your family and the community.

It Builds the Community

One of the biggest assets most middle class American’s own is their home. African-American home ownership in this country has hovered around 40% since the early 1990s. In fact, between 1994 and today the amount of black people who own their own home has not changed from 43.2%. This means that while White homeownership has increased 2.71% to 71.9%, Black homeowners aren’t even catching up to their white counter parts or even achieving the success of other minority communities. Wealth is not being passed on that could be passed on to the next generation to use to build even greater wealth! The best part is that Town and Country Realty can help you start to reverse that trend in our greater Denver area community.

Long-Term Savings

We all know how expensive rent in Denver can be every month. Everyone has had those tense moments of making sure that they had enough to make the rent on their apartment, condo, or town home. Moving can be even more expensive because deposits and other fees have to be saved up in order to get into the new place. The advantage of owning has always been the ability to stay in place over the long term and not have to worry about your rent going up, having to move, or having to deal with a variety of other factors in the control of others. With only a few exceptions, buying in the Denver real state market is cheaper than renting in the greater Denver area. Save some money and call us!


Take control over your destiny, create an asset that your children can use for their future and consider buying your own home. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get into a home and how much money you’ll save and how much better things will be. You’ll be helping yourself and the greater community. When you’re ready to buy a home, consider Town and Country Realty to help you find that perfect slice of the American dream for yourself!