Town and Country Realty has been a traditional, family-run company since 1951. Today, TCR is better than ever with renewed purpose for the ever-changing times that we live in.

Investing in Denver Real Estate?

Town and Country Realty can help you invest in Denver’s popular real estate market. Now is a prime time to start your first investment property. Real Estate is a great way to build wealth and build up a community. Town and Country Realty helps people in the Denver Metro area find houses, condos, duplexes, triplexes, and commercial property. Town and Country Realty can handle all your Denver area investment property needs! More Americans are renting than ever before which creates a unique opportunity for wealth creation in Denver real estate.

More than Realtors

We work as a team to bring individuals and families together through responsible home-ownership, business and finance.


Find the perfect home for you and your family.


Find that piece of heaven you've been dreaming of.


Looking to invest? Does your business need a new home? Find the perfect space that meets your needs.


Get coaching and expert advice on all things "finance."

Looking for your first home?

Are you looking for your first home? Town and Country Realty brings a personal touch and a decades-long knowledge of the Denver area real estate market that helps first-time home buyers find the house of their dreams. A home is the foundation of most people’s wealth. It is important for anyone who can own their own home to do so. Town and Country Realty can help you right the right house and find the right mortgage to purchase that home. Don’t be just another client of a large real estate firm in Denver, get a personal touch with any of the agents at Town and Country Realty.

Time to upgrade!

Are you ready to upgrade to your next home? Town and Country realty can help you find your next home! First, we can serve as the listing agent on your current home and find the right buyer for you. Next, we can help you find your next home. Rather than reading through endless listings on Redfin or Zillow, you can have the personal touch of a local real estate agent in the Denver area. Sitting down with Town and Country is real estate the way it used to be: personal and local. Let Town and Country Realty be your personal real estate agent to help you find your next slice of paradise.


In 1960, Jesse Johnson and Mary E. Johnson founded ``Town and Country Properties`` (now Town and Country Realty) in an effort to support their six children while providing a valuable service to the community. Since then, Town and Country remained in the family and has continued to thrive, run by their second eldest daughter, Shelley Hodge. TCR is committed more than ever to the mission of helping families and individuals of all backgrounds into home-ownership with the goal of building economic wealth for her customers.

Town and Country Helps Businesses!

Does your business need a new home? Is it time to expand? Town and Country isn’t just for homes or investment property. We can help you find the right commercial real estate for your business. We’ve been helping businesses find the right location for their success for many years. Let Town and Country bring that local knowledge to your new Denver commercial real estate search. The best part about Town and Country is that we bring a personal touch to your Denver commercial real estate search. Don’t get caught up being another client at a massive office. Get the personal touch for your business with Town and Country Realty.

Our Mission

Town and Country Realty strives to make responsible homeowners out of people from all walks of life. Young, old, multiethnic, multiracial, immigrants and families alike, can be confident that our team will do our best to set you up to succeed.

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