Work Directly with A Realtor Veteran with Decades of Experience

Town and Country Realty owner and employing broker Shelley Hodge started learning about Real-estate 51 years ago under the tutelage of her father. Shelley's skill stack combines what she learned from many successful years in the corporate world and real-estate world. When you become a realtor with Town and Country, you gain access to Shelley and her complete toolbox of 50+ years of experience. Shelley teaches you the foundation skills that are now rarely taught.

These are recession proof skills that are built on the timeless principles of sales.

Build Your Farm and Work for Life

Town and Country Realty was first established in Denver in 1953 by Jesse James Johnson. 65 years later Town and Country Realty is still serving Denver under the leadership and ownership of Mr. Johnson’s daughter, Shelley Hodge, and granddaughter Muriel D. Williams.

The Freedom to be a Complete Realtor

Town and Country Realty trains our realtors to do it all. There are no restrictions on working in the commercial space or any other space of real estate. The world and technology are moving at a pace faster than ever. We give our realtors the freedom to be creative in this world of new opportunities. We don’t put restrictions on where you work or in what spaces you choose to exercise your tools. For Town and Country, realty is about the freedom to create.

First we give you the tools, then we support you as you create your world.

The Real-Estate Business is a Relationship Business

Social media is all the rage in real-estate. Although it certainly has its place and should be used to balance your toolkit, too many realtors lack the foundational skills that will allow them to keep busy fulltime and take total control of their real-estate career. Technology is advancing at a rapid pace, but human nature has changed very little. Real-estate is a sales business, and sales are still about emotion and human relationships.

When you work with Shelley Hodge, you learn how to build and maintain relationships in a way that your prospects will only think of you when it's time to buy or sell.

Learn How to Build Your Farm and Enjoy Career Security

Your “farm” is your area or territory; it may be a neighborhood or several neighborhoods. Shelley will teach you how to master your farm in such a way that any prospect in your farm will think of you first when it comes to buying and selling. When you know more about an area or house than the buyer or seller, you become an expert and your expertise is extremely valuable. When you master your farm, you secure a lifetime of job security.

Discover the Secret Weapon Most Realtors Never Learn

When you become a Town and Country Realtor, you will be personally trained by Shelley Hodge. She will teach you the art of cold and warm calling. This is the foundation of your farm and Shelley will set you up in a way that you cannot fail. Shelley will teach you how to make your flyer, send it, and follow up in person. She will show you how to be consistent in your marketing approach and goes with you in person on calls until you’re ready to go on your own. Once you master the cold and warm call techniques Shelley teaches, you will master your farm and never worry about work again. Learn the techniques that only the top 10% of realtors know and use.

The Complete Town and Country Realtor Toolkit

As you progress through your training Shelley will advise you on any classes you need to attend to round out your toolkit. Every class and every instructor are not equal. Shelley knows all of the most important courses you'll need and the best instructors that teach them.

  • Discover the secret weapon of cold and warm calling
  • Bulletproof Contract Training
  • Classes by the industry’s best instructors
  • Learn how to build your farm and gain full-time job security
  • Earn better commissions
  • Generate more work than you can handle in only 3 months

Ready to get decades of realtor guidance for FREE and become a top 1% realtor?

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