17 Jul, 2017

5 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

17 Jul, 2017

Town and Country Realty has been helping people find great homes to live in for 50 years. No matter how many homes we help buy and sell, we still have great tips for our first-timers. First time home buyers are always exciting to help. Getting people into their first home is always one of our favorite things to do! A first home is the beginning of a journey. It’s any family’s beginning to financial success and stability for any community. We’ve been helping first time home buyers for decades and we’re still helping first-timers get into homes here in Denver today (even in this busy market!) With our years of experience, we’ve gathered what we think are the top 5 tips that we could think of for first time home buyers.

1. You are not your credit score

Many of our first time home buyers consider their credit score to be a number on their whole life. Every decision and everything that someone has done seemed to be reduced to a 3 digit number. This is just not the case! Just because a first time home buyer’s credit score is low does not mean that they can’t buy a home. Credit can be fixed and repaired. Things can be paid off, mistakes can be fixed. You can work with your bank or your loan officer to get that started. Here at TCR, we work with dedicated professionals who help each of our buyers, both new buyers and people looking for another home, with their credit and getting pre-qualified for their home loan. A credit score is just a number and an opinion about someone’s credit worthiness, it is not a moral judgment.

2. Get your finances in order

Now is the time to clean up your finances. You can analyze your spending and bills on many convenient apps. Mint is one of the best apps you can use as it lets you manage your bills, track expenses, and manage your account balances all in one place. Once you get it set up, it is easy to know where all your money is going. Plugging any money leaks and ending unplanned expenses is vital in saving up a down payment and getting ready for owning your first home!

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Your Home!

One of the biggest things we hear about houses is their problems. Like any structure, they require maintenance and repair to stay great, but that is no reason not to own a home! TCR helps each of it’s clients get homes that are in good shape and can even help out with recommendations for contractors and other professionals after your closing day. Things like yard work can be hired in, or simplified so that it doesn’t cause stress. The financial gains that you family can make by owning a home is far greater than any fear you might have about what can go wrong.

4. Ask questions about the house

Your agent here at TCR can help make sure your home is in the best shape it can be. Your agent can renegotiate repairs and other needs in the contract for your new home. A realtor works for you which means you can ask any question you need answered. Buying your first home involves many things and asking questions for a first-time buyer is only natural. Ask away! Your TCR realtor is here for you and here to help you! Get your questions ready and you can find the perfect home for your family. You can work with your realtor to make sure that you are confident when you move into your new home!

5. I don’t know anyone who’s owned a house before!

Because we specialize in all communities, often we help people who don’t even know anyone who owns a home! Many of these people are nervous about home ownership and don’t realize that if they have been keeping an apartment or duplex, they can afford their own home! Our piece of advice is the same for everyone: don’t be afraid to own a home. These days, the expenses of getting into an apartment can be close to what might be necessary to get into a home (depending on your situation). Many of our buyers in this situation are the first in their family to own a home and Town and Country Realty is really happy to help them.

Buying a house can be fairly complicated. It requires, time, patience, and paperwork! But that’s where having a realtor is essential. First-time home buyers are always full of excitement and enthusiasm and are a pleasure to work with. The Denver real estate marketing is expanding right now and there is plenty of activity around town. Just because prices are rising and the market is moving does not mean that you can’t own your first home.

If you are a first-time home buyer, Town and Country Realty is here for you. We hope that these tips helped you out and when you begin the search for your new home please give us a call!