17 Jul, 2017

Are You Shopping on Zillow or Redfin? Stop Now and Find Out Why I Can Help You!

17 Jul, 2017
Hi! I’m Shelley Hodge and my family has been selling houses in the Denver area since I was a girl! My father created this realty company as a way to help his community and create a future for his family. I’ve been in this business a long time and recently I’ve noticed that there are some new players in town when it comes to real estate. When I asked some of my people how we could compete with places like Zillow and Redfin they all shrugged their shoulders and said it was impossible. But I got to thinking, “No it’s not, I offer something unique to my clients!” So we retooled the website and now we’re talking more about what we offer and we are bringing out helpful nature onto our website as well.
We’re not just any realty company. We don’t just find some houses and talk about rooms. We help each of our clients from the moment they walk in the door to the first time they get the keys. Whatever they need to make the process easier, we help them with that. This includes financing and early stage repairs on their new home. It may not be new or efficient but it helps people where they are. It’s why I think we’re just a cut above these new sites.
Its much harder to find a house when you’re scrolling through endless amounts of listings, There are many people and places that are trying to “disrupt” the real estate market. Here at Town and Country Realty, we do things the old fashioned way because sometimes, newer isn’t always better. Many of the latest and greatest real estate innovations and apps don’t have the local focus or personal touch of a local realtor. Many of these new websites and apps pull publicly available listings without helping you find the right home beyond how many bedrooms and bathrooms. Many of these apps don’t have a sense of community, neighborhood, or even commuting times!
My focus in this agency is helping people to find the right home for them and to make sure that it is ready for them to live. I bring the same personal touch to this business that my Father added to it when he founded this agency. I bring a passion to my clients that these stale websites simply can’t match. I’m happy to hand pick houses that I think my clients will really love and go the extra mile to make sure every listing results in a successful sale to the right buyer. But it’s not just that, buying a house is a complicated process that involves paperwork and legal terms that most people only encounter a few times in their lives. Having someone on your side during this process is most essential! That is why I firmly believe the best way to go is with a quality realtor. Of course, if you’re looking in the greater Denver area, I hope that you pick Town and Country.
I just wanted to quickly let everyone know that just because the internet has made every listing available that working with a real person on your real estate search is essential. Buying a house is one of the largest and most important transactions that we ever do in our lives. Buying a house is a major life event like having a child or getting married. It takes help from real people with real expertise to make it happen and to do so with a certain amount of ease. So, before you open a new tab and start searching through yet more listings, give a local realtor a call and when you’re thinking about one, think about Town and Country Realty too!