02 Jan, 2019

5 Reasons Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

02 Jan, 2019

Why Winter is the Best Time to Sell Your Home

Spring is generally thought of as the best time of the year for real estate. There’s a big rush for families looking to move into a new place before the school year begins. But if you choose to sell or buy during the Winter, it could pay off better than you imagine. Doing business during the holidays comes with a lot of advantages.

  1. Less Competition
    Once Spring comes the housing market gets saturated with options. If you remember the first lesson in economics, you'll remember the law of supply and demand. In the Winter there are fewer homes for sale, and the low inventory can help you get the price you want.
  2. New Parents Looking to Upgrade
    The baby boom in the Fall leads to more buyers at the end of the year. Data from the Center for Health Statistics and the Social Security Administration reveals that there are more birthdays in September than any other time of the year. Once a new baby gets home and settled, many families choose to start the new year in an upgraded home.
  3. Serious Buyers Shop in the Winter
    Not everyone looking at houses intend to buy. Spring and Fall brings a lot of demand, but also a lot of window shoppers. People who are looking to look don't do it during the Winter. This means every lead you get is probably an excellent lead. You spend less time and wasted energy on non-serious buyers when you list your home in the Winter.
  4. End of the Year Bonuses
    End of the year bonuses gives potential buyers a cash injection which they can use on a down payment. More serious first-time buyers will be ready with available capital, and current homeowners with growing families looking to upgrade will be more apt to buy with the additional funds.
  5. Relocation Market
    One of the biggest times of the year for corporate relocation happens in January and February. Buyers who need to move quickly are out in droves looking for new homes. Relocators have a limited amount of time to get families moved and don’t have the luxury of shopping around. The kids need to get into the school before Spring semester starts, and parents are trying to sell their home. It’s more likely that when they find a house that meets their needs, they will be ready to sign.

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